Thursday, April 3, 2008

Late Night Arrival

The goats arrived at 3:00 am after a long, long journey. The original shortcut they were taking wasn't in good enough condition, so they had to turn around and start again. Later they had a flat tire. Reaching Fort Portal, the vehicle needed some work done on the brakes. They didn't begin crossing the mountains until the sun was beginning to set. We try to avoid driving in the dark because there are no street lights, especially on the mountain curves. They pressed on for the sake of the goats. Eventually they found another truck stuck in the road and they were unable to pass by it. They waited for hours until that truck was able to move.

When the truck arrived it backed up to the fence and Michael turned our car lights on the truck so we could see. Each of the goats were handed off and carried to the pen. They were so tired and quiet, that after they were all unloaded, I hardly heard a sound from them. I wouldn't have known that 51 extra goats were just outside my window.

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