Thursday, March 26, 2009

March Goat Distribution

This past Thursday, Lamech and Pauline distributed 24 high-grade dairy goats thanks to the generosity of our donors! An additional 9 beneficiaries will receive goats but were unable to make it on Thursday. Each recipient attended a two-day training and constructed a shelter before receiving their goat. Lamech was able to find enough high-grade dairy goats in Bundibugyo, thanks to the buck stations throughout the district, and previous goat-recipients, who returned the first-born offspring to our farm!

Lamech asked the beneficiaries to arrive at 9:30 am. In true African fashion, we had a quorum around 10:30 am. Lamech gave a few words of instruction and I prayed along with several of the beneficiaries. Then the gates to the pen were opened; Jackson began wrangling goats and distributed one by one. The traditional serious face each woman made when I took their picture is not indicative of their feelings. As soon as their picture was snapped, they dropped the pose and the large grins returned as the chatted with Pauline and Lamech.

This was the first of several distributions we’ll have throughout the year. We’re hoping to place a few more high-grade bucks throughout the district as well!

Again, to those of you who gave money for goats, on behalf of myself and all of the beneficiaries: Webale! Wasinge! Thank you! (Thanks expressed in Lubwisi, Luconjo, and you guessed it, English)

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