Friday, February 2, 2007


Here is a gifted man. Lamech has come to serve in this remote district, though his home is elsewhere in Uganda. His training is in animal husbandry, and he is a terrific communicator. Since Sept 2006 he's been visiting the homes of all of the local dairy goat breeders to bring encouragement and has continued training on care and feeding of the goats. There is not a good veterinary care system in place in Bundibugyo, so he also provides those services. December and January he spent his days meeting with sub county leaders and their communities. Some days he has about 100 people gather to learn. He is helping them to understand the value of dairy goats and how their care differs from the local goats that are in abundance. Lamech is also helping the people who will receive goats at the next distribution (planned for March) prepare shelters and identify fodder. People are always telling him how grateful they are for his time and valued advice.

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