Thursday, March 1, 2007

Buck breeding station

Last Week: Materials and Empty Field

This Week: Partially constructed goat sheds

The happy sound of hammering outside my widows has been common lately. A dairy goat breeding station is being constructed on World Harvest Mission property (actually my side yard). We have a house for a male, a large house for a herd of our local females that we hope to breed hybrids from, and a house for the visiting local female goats that belong to community members who wish to breed with this dairy male. I already have a raised goat house for my hybrid females who we hope to breed and then distribute to needy families who can benefit from the milk. It seems like the 19th of March the 62 goats will travel by truck on a full day’s journey to reach here. Then on the 20th, 44 people will come to receive their goats. The rest will remain behind for future distributions. Pray for smooth transition and a huge milk supply.

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