Thursday, February 28, 2008

50 Goats: Found and Vaccinated

Last week, Lamech traveled for a full day to reach Masaka. It took him a week to travel into various villages where many families breed dairy goats. Most "farms" are small and they only have a few animals. Lamech's goal was to find 50 females (half local blood and half dairy) at a mature age and vaccinate them for Foot and Mouth Disease. He found them, though a few are a bit younger than we wanted due to lack of mature ones. The local farmers are receiving the initial deposit for purchase and will receive the rest when they bring their goats to the truck April 1rst. They are so grateful for the sales, especially at this time of year when school fees are due.
Lamech also let them know that he'll return to look for more goats in May.

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