Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Preemies and their struggles

Today is mixed with joy and sadness. Premature babies have a difficult road no matter where they are born. In Bundibugyo, there is no NICU to aid them in their struggle. Two nights ago, my neighbor gave birth to a baby boy who was just over 2 lbs. She has lost other children and great hopes were placed on his survival. Despite the special isolation room in the peadiatric ward and formula to feed him since his jaws weren't strong enough to suck, he died in the night. The grave behind their house is small and fresh. We sit and mourn with them.

As I was dropping of more formula to the Health Center today, Jennifer directed me to another child. He was also born premature, of similar weight. He was in the hospital for a while and health staff had to revive him frequently as his life kept slipping away. He was supplemented with formula while he gained strength to suck. He had been released and is now back at the hospital because he is sick, but he is not starving. He looks great and we rejoice with that family.

We must rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn, and trust God's faithful hand in the midst of it all.

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