Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Matiti Project

Matiti means milk in Lubwisi, the local language. Goats are plentiful in this area and are great for meat. Cows are scarce. Local goat milk production is very poor. Formula is too expensive for families. Therefore, when mothers die in childbirth or of prevelant diseases, milk for an infant left behind is difficult to find.
The best care for that infant is a wet nurse, and many kind aunts and even grandmothers have been so willing to care for children this way.
When a wet nurse is unavailable, we give boxed milk. This is expensive and not sustainable.
The Matiti Project is introducing dairy goats to the area. Lamech and Pauline are Ugandan agricultural extention workers who have come to train the communities in the care, feeding, breeding and milking of these animals as well as providing veterinary assistance.
Last spring we brought 47 goats into the district and look forward to bringing in many more this spring. We hope that they will provide nourishment for motherless infants as well as children of HIV+ mothers.

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