Wednesday, January 31, 2007

WHM/NHC Nutrition Program

The World Harvest Mission/Nyahuka Health Center Nutrition Program has been operational for over 3 years. Missionaries, Nyahuka Health Center workers and community volunteers have worked to provide food to moderately to severely malnourished children, motherless infants and children affected by HIV/AIDS. Bi-weekly, children come to be weighed, to receive food rations and medical attention.

o FOOD: World Food Program has donated food for that past few years, but has recently given us the final food allowance, as they are funneling their resources to Uganda’s war-torn north. We will use the remaining food for extreme cases only and it should last a few more months.
o MILK: World Harvest Mission’s Uganda Infant Diaconal Fund (funded by individual donors like you and Bread & Water for Africa) has been supplying the program with milk. A stipend is provided for women who act as surrogate breastfeeders. Boxed milk or formula is provided for those who have no wet nurse. It costs about $1/day for these artificial milk feeds. We’d like to provide families with dairy goats as a more sustainable source of milk (Matiti Project).

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