Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The goats have arrived!

Yesterday, the goats began to enter the truck at 5:15 am. They arrived in Bundibugyo at 6:30pm! It was so nice to receive them in daylight hours. 18 males and 50 females came off the truck and were so happy to be free of the constraints of the snug vehicle. They rushed to eat the food that was laid out for them. Two females were milked immediately. A sick goat was given an injection. The male goats were in a daze and fought wildly. There was serious rearing and head butting going on as they tried to find comfort in their temporary abodes. During the night they were generally quiet, though some head clunking was still heard. Today is their resting day before they meet their new owners tomorrow and walk to their new home. We praise God for these blessings. We are so grateful to so many of you for your part in this journey.

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