Saturday, April 7, 2007

Last Minute Goat Preparations

We are down to the wire now. Lamech has gone back to Masaka to join his family for Easter and meet his newborn little girl- 2wks old. He will return on Tuesday, April 11th with a load of goats. The journey could take up to 12 hours, so they'll leave at sunrise.
Meanwhile, Pauline is making sure we are ready on this end. Invitations for recipients and government officials like the District Veterinary Officer (DVO) are being delivered for the distribution ceremony on Thurs. the 13th. Plans are being made for the catering that day. The goat sheds are ready. A fence is being strengthened. A water tap is being added to the Buck Station on WHM grounds making easy access to drinking water and water for pen cleaning. Materials are being brought for a small storage garage for all the gardening, and feeding supplies, wheelbarrow, etc.
We are looking forward to an exciting week.

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