Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Makuni goes home...

Today was a big day for Makuni. Two months after being admitted, he went home! He's still not able to walk unassisted, but looks much more like the 4 year old that he is than when he first arrived. Home is over the border in Congo, probably at least 10km from Nyahuka health center and a few hours walk, at the very least. He left in the arms of his father, accompanied by sister Annet, and a brother who showed up today for the first time, with a bicycle. The bicylce was used to wheel a big bundle full of all the possessions they'd used for their hospital stay: sheets, blankets, towels, a few items of clothing, cooking dishes and utensiles, and rags which Makuni sat on in bed, instead of using diapers.

Makuni knew he was headed home and appeared fine with that: no tears of protest or sadness. Though there is no mother there to welcome him (she died some time ago), it seemed he was happy to be going back to somewhere known and familiar. Pat bought him sweets at the gate, and I sent him home with a new outfit (recently arrived from friends in the US) and his sister in a similarly "new" dress. He also went home with 24 boxes of milk to last him for the next 2 weeks when he should return for a weight check. Thank God for the way he has turned the health of this child around. Its quite remarkable really, and continue to pray for Makuni's family to care for him well at home - his foot still needs a daily dressing -and for him to gain even more weight in the next 2 weeks.

And as Makuni heads home, there are others now admitted - also severly malnourished - and in desperate need of care and prayer: James, Ngonzi, (both of whom are HIV infected), Masereka, the list goes on..... Pray for God to meet their needs as he did Makuni's.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Pamela,

Some of us believe that the hands that help are holier than the lips that pray.

Pls let me know how i can help