Monday, February 11, 2008

Mbusa Florence

I wanted to introduce you to a wonderful woman I know, Mbusa Florence. She single-handedly organizes one of our production teams, mobilizing her family members to roast gnuts and soybeans, grind them (using the hand-powered nut grinder), and package them for distributing at our outpatient feeding centers. Last week alone she led the way in producing over 90 cups of groundnut paste and soybean powder, an amazing feat for the tools she is using. This is all voluntary work!! For a comparison, the other two teams produced 38 and 45 cups each. In the picture, you see her de-leafing moringa limbs, to dry the nutritious leaves to be incorporated into food given at outpatient feeding centers. Mbusa’s family was recently given a dairy goat (see picture) from the Matiti Project, because of her cooperation and work with BundiNutrition projects.

Sadly, Mbusa takes flack from a few community members who chastise her saying, “Why are you working for those people for free? They should be paying you something!” She simply replies, “I am working for God,” or even defends me (Stephanie) saying, “Does Stephanie have any children here? This food is for our children”. This adds personal significance to the cliché “It takes a village to raise a child.” Indeed it does. Or at least a few very dedicated villagers!

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Rachel said...

What a beautiful picture of Christ's love and a witness to the other villagers. I know they will miss you, but it looks like your efforts will continue long after you have left. What a wonderful God we serve!
You are a blessing, Steph!