Friday, June 27, 2008

Demonstration Garden

Pauline has worked diligently on designing the demonstration garden. The last phase is the orchard section where she will plant guavas and citrus trees. Trees for goat fodder line the pathways and are strategically placed throughout. They were chosen for their deep roots and nutrition value for goats. Jackson uses cutting daily of legumes and bulk plants.

Human food is also well placed. Cooking bananas-a staple food in Bundibugyo- as well as beans are grown throughout. Pauline brings community groups through the garden to show them how to make the best of their small plots, increasing yields through natural fertilizers and nitrogen fixing trees.
The beans and bananas are being sold and revenue is put back into the maintance of the garden. As the garden matures, it moves toward financial self-sustainablity.

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Joy Hancock said...

Do you have a photo of this demonstration the idea.